For participants

What will I do?

During the day of the study, the participant would undergo different function tasks and brain imaging in the MRI. The MRI is used to get information about brain structure and function. During MRI testing, you will be asked to lie still while we take images (“pictures”) of your brain’s structure and function (See picture 1). During some of these scans, you will be asked to perform simple tasks with your hands.

(Picture 1: Getting ready for the MRI scan at our facilities)

The participant would be part of the following behavioural tests:

Locognosia is the ability to localise touch. In this experiment, participants are given a drawn map of the hand divided into 16 zones. During the procedure, the experimenter will apply light pressure to specific parts of the hand, and you will be asked to provide verbal feedback on the perceived location.

Sollerman Hand function test is used in the assessment of hand functions. It shows the ability and quality of the hand while performing activities of daily living. In this test, you will be asked to pick up certain items and place them in appropriate areas.

This test is a standardized outcome measure of the sensory function of the median and ulnar nerves of the hand. In this task, you will be asked to feel the object and identify its texture and shape.

This task is used to assess the sensory function of the hand. A light touch will be applied to the hand and you will be asked to respond when you feel the pressure.