General Information

Hand nerve damage is an extremely common phenomenon and can lead to a long-lasting reduction in the quality of life. There is a strong connection between brain changes as a result of the injury and function impairment, but these links are not very well understood at the moment. We believe that by better understanding these brain changes, new and improved treatments can be developed. By participating in our study, you will be part of truly practical research, that will have a significant impact on patient recovery.

As a participant what would I be required to do? 

Participating in this study will involve two tasks: brain imaging and function tests. You will participate in different behavioural tasks involving your hands and we will also scan your brain in the MRI machine. For further details about the tests and MRI please visit the For participants page.

Can I participate?

  • If you have hand nerve damage: We are looking for people with median and/or ulnar hand nerve injury.
  • If you don’t have a hand injury: We are also looking for people with no hand nerve damage, who would like to contribute towards deepening our understaning of hand injuries.

What are the next steps if I want to participate?  

Please fill out the form below (attach form). Our staff will work with you to plan your visit. We will arrange a time that is best for you, and this can include weekends. A family member or friend is welcome to accompany you. The study will last approximately 6 hours. All travel costs will be paid for, and we will help you to make these arrangements. Lunch and snacks will be provided. 

What about covid?  

The lab is fully committed to keeping everyone safe during these times. We take all the necessary precautions to ensure that anyone who attends our testing sessions is safe. To find out what measures are in place please visit the Covid information page. If by any circumstance your travel becomes restricted after making an appointment with us, rest assured, our team will make new arrangements with you, when the restrictions loosen and you will still be able to participate.

Where to find us? 

The study will take place at Bangor University located in North Wales.