While COVID has a significant impact on research and participation, we can assure you that we are taking all the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe. These are the steps that we follow to ensure safety:

  • Before the day of testing: We will ask you to fill out a COVID screening form, to ensure that you are not experiencing any possible COVID symptoms.
  • On the day of testing: On the day when you come in for testing, we will measure your temperature and give you a certified protective mask. During the testing periods lab member will try to keep a safe distance of 2 meters whenever possible.
  • After the study: We will send you a follow up COVID screening form to check how you are doing.

While we are thrilled that you are thinking of participating in our study, by current regulations we cannot scan participants in any high-risk category, please click here: to find out whether you belong to the risk group.

What happens if I can’t travel?

If your region goes into lockdown or travel restrictions tighten during the time you were scheduled for the study, do not worry, our team will work with you to rearrange your testing day for another day that would be convenient for you after the restrictions lessen.